All About NBA 2K Badges You Can Unlock Easy & Quick

The NBA 2K series is superior to all other basketball games for various reasons. Apart from playing the game in real life, playing it via any of the NBA 2k titles available is the next best thing. But even more importantly, you can get to play it using any of your favorite NBA superstar players. One of many cool things you can do when playing NBA 2k is the use of NBA 2k15, NBA 2k16 or NBA 2k17 badges. In the world of video games, the NBA 2k badges can be compared to trait markers. The game lets players unlock the badges as they complete the task that are required.
Each badge has a description telling you what you must do to unlock them. Once you do get the badges unlocked, they can help change the NBA 2k game for you. In fact, some badges can have huge impacts on MyPLAYER mode. This is the customized character every player creates in the MyCAREER part of the game. In all, there are various kinds of NBA 2k badges which have different effects. There are personality badges and others to help you control how you shoot, move, rebound and do other things in the game.

Why NBA 2K Badges Are Important To Unlock

In the game of NBA 2k series, MyCAREER mode is extremely important to help you enjoy the game. It also lets you unlock many parts of your character you need to play the game better. After all, the virtual character you choose, is what will represent you in the game. Unlocking badges can let you have complete control of your character’s personality. The NBA 2k17 badges work very well since they can let you customize your character to be more like you. If not like you, then how you would want him to be.

Easiest And Quickest NBA 2K Badges To Unlock
There are a few real easy and quick NBA 2k badges you can unlock. It is better to focus on these badges first and then work your way to other ones as you move along. Some of the quickest and easiest NBA 2k16 or 2k17 badges are the ones you that require very little from you. The ones that you only have to attempt to make a shot or move are prime examples. The dribble moves badges are also very quick and easy to unlock. You can do moves such as the Step Back Freeze, Hesitation Stunner, Pet Move Size-up, Killer Crossover, Behind The Back Pro and Master of In and Out. To unlock these badges, all you have to do is perform each of these moves 75 times within a season.

You also have other NBA 2k badges such as the ‘Flashy Passer,’ ‘Brick Wall,’ and the ‘Lob City Passer’ badges. All of these can be unlocked very easily and quickly by just attempting a move. As you progress more in the NBA 2k video game, you will become better. You can also use VC generators and free locker codes to gain more access and control of the NBA 2k characters and game. Before you know it, you will be just as good, if not better, than the real NBA player you choose to be in the NBA 2k game.